Intuitive Touch Healing


The acceleration of growth and change today can be both unifying and polarizing. Because of this, it is becoming increasingly clear that tolerance and acceptance are of utmost importance.

The path to achieving this lies in the recognition of each person as a unique individual – a spirit learning and growing in a physical body with personal goals and a unique purpose that cannot be compared to anyone else.

Intuitive Touch Healing is formulated on this basis.

When we begin to focus on our intuitive or spiritual abilities, it is just as important to pay attention to the body and to recognize that our physical selves require as much nurturing as our spiritual selves. In addition to food, rest and shelter, we require TOUCH in order to fully thrive and integrate all parts of our being.

For as long as we have been on this earth, touch has been an essential part of having and taking care of a body. The automatic response to finding an ache or pain somewhere is to rub, hold, warm or soothe it in some way through touch. This instinct is so natural we often do it without thinking.

Intuitive Touch Healing addresses not only your physical body but also your spiritual or life force energy through light physical touch. The natural flow of your energy is disrupted by physical injury, emotional trauma, stress, illness or any type of negative experience. Intuitive Touch Healing helps to release the memory and energy of those negative experiences and restore your energy flow.

Experiencing the healing power of physical touch in a positive and safe environment can help to reduce stress, relieve pain and discomfort, restore balance in your life and bring about a sense of renewal.

Whether you have concerns about, or are facing challenges with regards to your physical, spiritual, mental or emotional health and wellbeing, Intuitive Touch Healing is designed to support and assist you as a unique individual on your journey through life.


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